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The Event

Welcome to the first lunchbox rally!

Lunchbox Rally 2024 will be held September 27th to October 1st 2024. The route is a loop starting and finishing at the same location, Hay NSW.

Lunchbox Rally is an amazing adventure that will see you and your kids exploring outback Australia in a safe, friendly and community environment, all in the name of charity… a Shitbox Rally for kids!

It is formatted the same as Shitbox Rally with a few kid friendly differences such as less nights, less kilometres and kid friendly entertainment in the evenings.

Trust us – this is going to be great fun.


Together as a team, you will get to experience a truly unique, fun and memorable adventure. You get to introduce your kids to the rally family and rally life, creating friendships and bonds that will last a life time. Most importantly this rally is for those who want to raise much needed money for charity and by partaking in the rally you are building the future generation of fundraisers to join the rally family.

Many of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it be parents, family, close friends, people we know or ourselves that have battled or are battling cancer, this awful disease has touched us all. We not only want to raise awareness and money for Cancer Council, but also want to offer support and a friendly ear to those that have suffered or are suffering.

This event is officially endorsed and supported by Cancer Council.


Each two-person team needs to raise a minimum of $3,000 (but hopefully a lot more) to participate in the rally.

We work hard to keep any costs to you as low as possible. The registration fee goes towards the cost of running the rally, your rally merchandise, some support costs and other safety items.

Here are the approximate costs that will need to be paid:

  • Registration fee: $485 per team (inc GST)
  • Purchase/preparation of your shitbox car: <$1,500
  • Catering and Camping: Approximately $180 per team per day (paid in advance)
  • Flights to and from start/finish line
  • Pre and post rally accommodation
  • Cost of fuel for duration of the rally

Each team is made up of one adult and one child (age 7 – 15).

This is because we may need all the extra room we can get for passengers of Shitboxes that don’t manage the entire journey.

All teams need to raise a minimum of $3,000 to participate in the rally. So start hassling your friends, work colleagues, and family, and brainstorm some fun ways to boost your fundraising. We also have great ideas that past teams have used for their own fundraising via the Knowledge Base in the We Give fundraising platform. Cancer Council also have helpful fundraising tips in a Welcome Pack which they provide.

Throughout the the year, we’ll be in contact with you, providing monthly newsletter updates on everything from fundraising to dress up themes and how the other teams are going. Everyone will have a direct line to Rally HQ, who’ll make sure you have all of the information you need to fundraise and will support you all the way to the start line.

The only stipulations we have for your car are that it’s worth/valued at no more than AUD $1,500 and that it’s not an AWD/4WD vehicle. Registration/roadworthy aren’t included the budget, as well as some safety items. We’ll give you more details about what does and doesn’t count once you’ve signed up. There are plenty of cars on and for $1,500 or less with some registration remaining.

Get creative and turn up in something that’s truly memorable – it’ll make the adventure that much more rewarding when you are in the middle of Australia, miles from anywhere and you’re trying to fix a split water pipe with duct tape, cable ties and pliers.

We will be camping at all the stopovers, so you’ll need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and mattress or swag.

During the rally, we organise all of your meals and camping at the stopovers. Before we start, you’ll receive an itinerary with a list of what we’ll be doing at each place and any costs that you need to factor in.